My First Blog… Again.

Here is my first blog from my old site. Just wanted to share it.

So, my first blog ever! The purpose of this blog is to share with everyone my experiences writing, and what better place to start than the beginning.

I have always wanted to do something that involved using my imagination. As a kid, I was always using my parent’s video camera to make these little movies. I would get friends to make short little movies that I would write scripts for, or we would just wing it. It was always fun for me and it got me thinking that someday I wanted to be a director.

I’ve always been into comic books since I could remember. Everything about them fascinated me! The beautiful artwork, and the amazing stories told in each of them would always leave me wanting more. I have to say, Spider-Man has always been my favorite. Some of my favorite issues of Spider-Man have always been the ones with Todd McFarlane as the artist. He has always had a really great style in any of his work, be it in Spider-Man, Spawn, or anything. So for a while I wanted to be a comic book artist. I would create these characters and draw them in my own comic books, where I would also serve as the writer. Soon this became a joint effort between me and my best friend; we would make characters and write out these elaborate story lines about each of them. For us, this was the most fun two 14 year-old boys could have! Later on in life, I still had a desire to do something with this imagination of mine. I was married (still am) to the most wonderful woman I could have ever asked for, and working at a good job. I never really thought much about writing until my wife really introduced me to the classic horror movies. The ones like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and above all… Michael Myers. Michael has always been a favorite in our house, and the first Halloween was actually the first movie my parents saw together, so it had to be fate. LOL. My wife has always been more of a fan of the older horror movies, but don’t get me wrong, she still loves some of the newer stuff, but the classics have always been her favorite. It’s kinda funny too, here was this beautiful girl, always wearing her Aeropostale, American Eagle matching outfits, with the pretty matching bow in her hair; yet when it came movie night she was always ready to watch some gory, violent, horror movie. But I wouldn’t have her any other way; she is truly my best friend! Well watching these with her, and growing a fondness in my own heart for them, I really got into horror books. I began finding myself wanting to write stories like the ones I saw on screen and in the books. I wanted to make people feel that cringing feeling when the bad guy was near, make them laugh at some ironic situation the character was in, and maybe even get them to shed a tear when something happens to a character they have grown fond of that I created.

I had the desire to write. But what was stopping me from jumping in? I finally asked myself that question, and the only answer I could think of was me. There was nothing stopping me from doing something that I have loved to do since I was a kid. I had the undying support from my wonderful wife and the courage not to worry if I was to fail or not. So with this great epiphany I started to write.

My first completed short story was “The Hungriest Zombie”. After researching online for somewhere to send this hatchling story of mine, I submitted it to an anthology. This was my first time of actually trying to be published, and I really didn’t have high hopes of being accepted. Well, about a month later I got the dreaded rejection email. I understood that my writing was probably very rough; I emailed the editor back to ask what I could do to improve my writing. I didn’t expect to get the response that I got back. The senior editor from 23 House (that was the publisher of the anthology) Mitchel Whitington gave me some of the best advice I have ever gotten in my life! He worked with me through numerous emails on my story and writing mechanics. He also asked one of the editors of the anthology to give some of his own advice. It was Joe McKinney… my mouth dropped when I saw who was sending me advice on my writing, Joe McKinney! I loved Joe’s novels and short stories, and I couldn’t believe I was getting those wonderful words of encouragement from him.

Armed with Joe’s advice and the constant guidance from Mitchel, I pressed on with my writing. I can never thank Mitchel enough for what he has done for me, I will forever be grateful for his wisdom and advice.

And here I am today. A proud published author! My story “The Hungriest Zombie” is included in the great anthology “First Time Dead 2” from May December Publications. I am continuing to write on something everyday, so I have many projects lined up for the future. So stay tuned throughout my epic journey, and read my ups and downs in this business of writing. Take care!


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