An Assignment From Long Ago…. Again

Hope everyone had a great Easter! I had a really great time spending the whole weekend with my wife and both of our families. It’s been a while since my last post. Things have been moving at a very slow pace lately. I’ve been working on some stories, polishing up my novel, and receiving a rejection letter or two. I’ve been trying to decide what direction I should go with my writing, either keep pursuing a traditional publisher, or make everything available through eBooks on my own. I’ve decided that for now, I’m gonna keep trying to go through traditional publishers. So I’ve resubmitted my novel and I’m working on a few short stories for some anthologies.

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff while watching TV and standing in line at the grocery store on magazine covers about some big royal wedding coming up. Not heard much about it really… (Actually, that’s all that’s been on lately and keeps interrupting my channel surfing. lol) Well I was flipping through the channels last night and came across a show talking about Princess Diana’s death, and the effect it had on her two sons. This made me remember about a poem I wrote soon after her death. I was 13 at the time, and my 8th grade teacher made an assignment for us to write a poem about Princess Diana. After I got home, I went to my room to start my homework. Well, it was probably many hours after I got home, I’m not gonna lie, I have always been a major procrastinator. Well, after hours of toiling over this one assignment I had to do that night, this is what came out of that:

The People’s Princess
Sitting happily in a room,
Not knowing of the waiting doom.
The princess was shining bright,
Not knowing it’s her final night.
As she gets into her car,
The paparazzi isn’t far.
Now begins the chase,
It’s tragic, but still you must race.
As they round the curve,
Their car starts to swerve.
When you hit the end of your sweet life,
The whole world’s heart felt stabbed with a knife.
Excuse me your majesty,
Your death has been quite the tragedy.
It hasn’t been the same since,
Princess Diana, the people’s princess.
The next day we had to read our poems out loud in class. I will always remember the moment after I finished reading it. There was a second where nobody said or made any sound at all, and I was like, “Crap, they’re about to laugh.” Then one-by-one everyone started clapping. It was like one of those moments you see on The Wonder Years or something lol. Love that show by the way. Well my teacher liked it so much, he sent it to our local newspaper and they published it in the “Poet’s Corner” section. It’s something I will always remember and will always be proud of. Just seeing that on TV last night reminded me about it, and made me want to share this with anyone who reads this. I had to get my mom to dig the newspaper clipping out of a box for me, so a big thank you goes out to her for doing that for me and always keeping little things like that from when I was little. It’s really fun to go back through stuff like that and remember things I probably would have forgot if mom and dad didn’t hold on to them.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’d like to hear from you guys! What’s something from your past or childhood that brings back some good memories? As always, take care and keep in touch!


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