Everything Is A Process… Again

Hey guys! I’ve got some great news about Dead Are Alive. Eric S. Brown, author of Bigfoot War, and MANY more great books and short stories, will be writing the introduction for Dead Are Alive! Eric is one of my favorite authors and a true inspiration to my own writing. If you haven’t read any of Eric’s stuff, or you’d like to read more from him, come check out his blog at  http://ericsbrown.wordpress.comHe’s got all of his available titles listed there and you can find all of them on your favorite book retailer, Amazon, B&N, or whichever site you prefer. I really can’t tell you enough about how awesome his stories truly are!


I’ve been working on a couple of short stories to submit over the past few months. One story called “The Mothman Isn’t Real” is ready to go. Then there’s the other story, which is still untitled. I’ve got the general story down, next it’s onto putting the “meat and bones” on it. I’ve got more stuff lined up to start on after that’s done, right now it’s a matter of which deadline comes first. I’m hoping to get started on my second novel soon. I’ve got a few novel ideas, and I’m trying to decide what to work on first.

So things are getting pretty busy, and I love it! I don’t think I could ever complain about being busy with writing. When you’re doing something you love, then it’s not really work, now is it? Right now, writing still feels like something I’m doing as a hobby. It really is, seeing as how I’m still working a full time job and writing when I get a spare moment. But in some ways, I think that break in between really helps me think things over. When I’m at work, or driving I can’t exactly write lol. But, I can think about it! I go over plot lines, character ideas, and story ideas in my mind. If something strikes my fancy and I really like the idea, I’ll make a quick note of it and jot it on a piece of paper or make a note on my phone. I also like to write the date on the paper too, because it’s pretty awesome to go back to see when you got that idea, and sometimes it gives me a look at what might have inspired that particular thought at that moment.

The time in between getting the idea and sitting down to type it out gives me the time to expand on those ideas. So when I sit down to write the story, I’m ready to go with all of the notes and ideas I’ve gathered and it just flows out very naturally. Of course, nothing is going to be perfect the moment I sit down to type it out, but I do have a much better direction to where I’m going with a story. When I first started trying to write seriously, I was very unorganized, and constantly suffered from the awful writer’s block. I didn’t have a system down that worked for me. As time went by I started to develop a habit of jotting my ideas on paper and then later on, putting all of those pieces together. I really think that’s what took me so long to finish Dead Are Alive. I started writing it back in 2007 (I know this because I wrote the dates! 😉 ) And as I sat down at the computer, I was “unarmed” and didn’t really have a good sense of direction to where the story was going to go. I was bombarding myself with all of these questions that were VERY important to the story. Things like, “What caused the zombie outbreak?”, “Why is the main character here and how does he get involved with the outbreak?”, and “How is this thing gonna end?” I started to realize that for me, I really needed to have a roadmap to guide me along as I filled in the details. Many other writers have very different ways that they write their stories. This is just what works for me, and everybody has their own ways that works best for them. And that’s really what it’s all about, finding what works best for you!

As I began working on The Hungriest Zombie, I started out with a simple question, “What about people without teeth?” You always see stories and watch movies about the normal zombie, eating the flesh of the living. Well, it’s a known fact that there are people with no teeth, nothing wrong with that, it’s a normal part of life. But in a world where zombies have overran an entire country, probably the world, there’s gonna be some of those people without teeth that are gonna be turned. And how would they be able to do the same things you see these other zombies doing? And that was my whole thought on the story. So I had my basic idea and started to write down all of the details on paper. Soon I found myself with my very first COMPLETE story. I started using the same techniques I learned while writing The Hungriest Zombie on Dead Are Alive.

This has been working pretty good for me as I have been getting more and more stories finished. Before I could only get them started and that was it. Every writer has their own process that works best for them. The trick is to actually fine out what works best for you. Experiment with different techniques and don’t be afraid to try anything, the worst that could happen is that you find out it doesn’t work for you, and that ain’t bad! You’ll learn from that and move on to the next. Soon you’ll have your own process, and you’ll sit and wonder, “How in the world can they get anything done like that?” A good example of that for me is the writer’s that listen to music as they write. I absolutely LOVE music! I have one of the widest ranges of taste in music that I know; I pretty much listen to anything. But I absolutely CANNOT write anything at all with music playing. I get too distracted and find myself just sitting around listening to music instead of writing. Having a television on doesn’t bother me though… go figure. lol

I actually meant to talk about my writing process on a more technical level, but I went off rambling. lol Stop by again soon and I’ll go over that on my next blog! As always, drop by on My Facebook Author Page or Twitter and say hello. I love to hear from you guys! Until next time, take care!


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