Review: Benjamin by Michael J. Evans

I just finished reading a short story by Michael J. Evans called Benjamin. Benjamin is a very fun short story that will have you guessing throughout the entire story. Michael J. Evans has spun an excellent tale that had me reminiscing on my own childhood memories of trying to sneak in a late-night television show or quick Nintendo game when I should have been in the bed. I’m sure everyone can probably relate to Benjamin’s desire to catch a late movie, against his parent’s wishes. Evans does a fantastic job creating the creepy atmosphere that Benjamin finds himself in, through very detailed descriptions. The characters are very believable, and as I mentioned earlier, very relatable. The story moves at a nice, steady pace and doesn’t rush you to the unexpected ending.

I highly recommend this tale of childhood fears to anyone, as well as something to drink before sitting down to read it. I started to get very thirsty about a quarter of the way through it and couldn’t pull myself away from the story because I just had to know what was going to happen next! A great story by Michael J. Evans! Looking forward to more!

Click on the cover above to go straight to Amazon and grab Benjamin.


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