Some New News

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but for good reasons. I’ve been one busy dude! The edits for Dead Are Alive are coming pretty quick, so I’ve been trying to stay on top of those as they come in. In between that, I’ve been working really hard on getting a few new stories written and polishing them up.

So, with those new stories currently off being edited, I’m annoucing my first short story collection will be out soon! I’m currently working on the cover, trying to make it look “purdy”. The collection will be avaliable first on Amazon. I’m juggling with trying the Kindle Select program, but I’m leaning more towards making it avaliable everywhere like I did with The Remedy and The Mothman Isn’t Real.

Speaking of… The Remedy and The Mothman Isn’t Real will be included in the collection. My first published story, The Hungriest Zombie, will also be included. There will be 3 brand new short stories included also. One of the stories, called “The Heist” is a western tale featuring an original creature I created called The Deadin (Pronounced: Dead – In). It’s based on this cute little guy:

Just look at his cute little face!

The picture is reportedly from a trailcam in Louisiana. I’m not sure if it has ever been declared a hoax or if it’s real. I think they did an episode on this on Fact Or Faked on the Syfy channel. Real or not, this thing is creepy! lol I changed him up a little in the story, but basically the Deadin is based on this guy.

I’ll keep you all updated in the weeks to come. I’m really hoping you all love this small collection I’m putting out. I’m mighty proud of this little ebook, even though it’s only around 27,000 words. I still can’t wait for you guys to read these stories! Until next time, take care!