Bad News, Bear… And Some Good Too.

I’ve got some bad news to pass along today, guys. Dead Are Alive will no longer be released by Library of The Living Dead Press. The owner of LOTLD, Doc Pus, has been struggling with illness and will be unable to be involved with publishing for a while. Please keep Doc in your thoughts and prayers. He’s an awesome guy and I really hate to see him have to be away from something he loves to do so much. Get well soon, Doc!

So, what now? Well, I’ve checked all of the publishers I know of and did a few other searches, and it looks like their schedules are all full for the year. This means none of them will probably be accepting submissions until next year. So my next option is to self-publish Dead Are Alive. I’ve got a completely professionally edited manuscript just sitting here just aching to be published and read. And that’s the path I’m going with the book. I’m shooting for an early July release date, so hopefully soon, you’ll finally get to read this book I’ve been working so hard on for the past few years. I’m pretty excited to be doing it this way too.

Dead Are Alive will be available in both print, and eBook versions. The eBook version will be available on ANY eReader. I tried out Amazon’s Kindle Select Program, which made my books exclusive to Amazon for three months, allowing me to have some giveaways for a few days on each book, and have it available to borrow for free to Amazon Prime members. I felt this really limited my visibility, so I won’t be enrolling any of my books in the program again. The three month agreement ends at the beginning of June. After that, I’ll be making all of my books available once again at Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and many other retailers. They’ll still be on Amazon too.

Now, if you haven’t been able to check out my short story collection, “King and Other Chilling Tales” yet, you’ll be able to get it for your Nook, iPad, or any other device you use.

Well, I’m off to get back to work on getting Dead Are Alive ready for YOU! That’s right, I’m doing all of this hard work for YOU and YOUR entertainment! And you don’t want my efforts to be in vain, now do you? So keep an eye out for updates on Dead Are Alive, right here, my Facebook page, or on Twitter. I’ll leave you with the synopsis that I’m working on for Dead Are Alive. Take care!

“Following a church robbery and the murder of reverend Hopkins’ wife, Gwen, bounty hunter Fred Douglas tries to bring justice to the corrupt town of Hazel by assassinating Gwen’s murderer, Sheriff Wellman.

As Fred awaits his execution after a failed attempt on the sheriff, an experimental antivenom reanimates two children into the unmercifully ravenous walking dead. Chaos erupts as the children begin a bloody feeding frenzy. The virus is spread with every bite and before long their victims rise from the bloody earth to join a swelling horde.

In this western town, there’s no longer a choice of bringing down criminals dead or alive. Because this time… the dead are alive!”