The Hungriest Zombie Comic Book Kickstarter

Kickstarter Image 2

Click on the image to go straight to the Kickstarter page.

The Hungriest Zombie Kickstarter is now live!!! Most of you probably already know all about Ed and his story. But for those of you who may just be visiting, here’s a quick rundown of The Hungriest Zombie Kickstarter:

The Hungriest Zombie is a 24 page comic book that tells a humorous story about a zombie cursed to wander mindlessly in search of the warm, meaty flesh of humans, after a severe case of gingivitis destroyed all of his teeth. Without his teeth to tear through skin, Ed is merely half the zombie he could be. The tale follows Ed as he shambles his way through the streets of his post-apocalyptic hometown Morristown, Tennessee on the hunt for something, or someone, to cure his insatiable undead hunger. The comic is done in a “grainy” black and white style, paying homage to George A. Romero’s classic “Night of The Living Dead”.

COVERThe Hungriest Zombie Page 1 BW

The comic is written by myself, and the artwork is done by the talented Jason Notter.

We’re offering a bunch of awesome rewards to everyone who helps us bring this comic to life. Here’s a list of everything that we’re offering:

Kickstarter Reward Picture Level 1 Rewards 2 copy

So if I still have your attention and you wanna help, click on the link below to go straight to the Hungriest Zombie Kickstarter page and choose your reward level. You can also help simply by sharing this link and helping us spread the word:

Let’s see if we can help feed poor ‘ol toothless Ed!





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