Jason Thacker is a new author in the horror genre. He was born in Pikeville, Ky and still resides in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky. His first published work is The Hungriest Zombie in the anthology First Time Dead 2 from May December Publications. Jason’s first full-length novel, Dead Are Alive is now avaliable in print and ebook versions. His short story collection King and Other Chilling Tales and single short stories, The Mothman Isn’t Real and The Remedy are also avaliable as ebooks on Amazon.

He credits his interest in writing to a lifelong love for comics and movies. “I’ve always wanted to create stories and characters like the ones from them. I’ve always been drawn to stories with action and suspense. My wife was the one that really got me hooked on old horror movies and that lead me to my interest in horror books.” Combining his desire to write and his love for a good story, no matter what media form it was from, he decided to begin writing stories that he enjoyed. Currently he has many writing projects in process and is looking forward to sharing them with everyone.


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