Bad News, Bear… And Some Good Too.

I’ve got some bad news to pass along today, guys. Dead Are Alive will no longer be released by Library of The Living Dead Press. The owner of LOTLD, Doc Pus, has been struggling with illness and will be unable to be involved with publishing for a while. Please keep Doc in your thoughts and prayers. He’s an awesome guy and I really hate to see him have to be away from something he loves to do so much. Get well soon, Doc!

So, what now? Well, I’ve checked all of the publishers I know of and did a few other searches, and it looks like their schedules are all full for the year. This means none of them will probably be accepting submissions until next year. So my next option is to self-publish Dead Are Alive. I’ve got a completely professionally edited manuscript just sitting here just aching to be published and read. And that’s the path I’m going with the book. I’m shooting for an early July release date, so hopefully soon, you’ll finally get to read this book I’ve been working so hard on for the past few years. I’m pretty excited to be doing it this way too.

Dead Are Alive will be available in both print, and eBook versions. The eBook version will be available on ANY eReader. I tried out Amazon’s Kindle Select Program, which made my books exclusive to Amazon for three months, allowing me to have some giveaways for a few days on each book, and have it available to borrow for free to Amazon Prime members. I felt this really limited my visibility, so I won’t be enrolling any of my books in the program again. The three month agreement ends at the beginning of June. After that, I’ll be making all of my books available once again at Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and many other retailers. They’ll still be on Amazon too.

Now, if you haven’t been able to check out my short story collection, “King and Other Chilling Tales” yet, you’ll be able to get it for your Nook, iPad, or any other device you use.

Well, I’m off to get back to work on getting Dead Are Alive ready for YOU! That’s right, I’m doing all of this hard work for YOU and YOUR entertainment! And you don’t want my efforts to be in vain, now do you? So keep an eye out for updates on Dead Are Alive, right here, my Facebook page, or on Twitter. I’ll leave you with the synopsis that I’m working on for Dead Are Alive. Take care!

“Following a church robbery and the murder of reverend Hopkins’ wife, Gwen, bounty hunter Fred Douglas tries to bring justice to the corrupt town of Hazel by assassinating Gwen’s murderer, Sheriff Wellman.

As Fred awaits his execution after a failed attempt on the sheriff, an experimental antivenom reanimates two children into the unmercifully ravenous walking dead. Chaos erupts as the children begin a bloody feeding frenzy. The virus is spread with every bite and before long their victims rise from the bloody earth to join a swelling horde.

In this western town, there’s no longer a choice of bringing down criminals dead or alive. Because this time… the dead are alive!”


What The Future Holds

Hey guys! If you haven’t had a chance to check out my short story collection, KING AND OTHER CHILLING TALES yet, you can now grab a copy for $1.99 for a limited time! Please pass the word along to anyone you think could use a good scare.

I’ve been hard at work on the edits for DEAD ARE ALIVE as they come in, and we’re getting close to done! I’ve got a ton of ideas for my next project. I’m concentrating right now on getting those edits done first and foremost. I can’t wait to get that book out there for you guys! I’m really, REALLY excited about it! Once we get the edits wrapped up, I’m diving straight into my next project. There are about 4 or 5 different ideas floating around in my head at the moment and I’m trying to decide which one to jump on first. I can tell you though, KING AND OTHER CHILLING TALES is a great starting point for all of these future books I have planned. All of them are coming straight from the stories in that book. One word that fits everything I want to do is: EXPANSION! I’m going to be expanding the stories, worlds, and characters from almost all of those stories. I’m already working on some outlines and jotting down notes on a few stories. That way when the edits are done, I’ll be ready to jump right into the typing on the new stuff.

My next blog post is going to be about something that’s been weighing on my mind since a discussion about plotting and outlining came up over on the Kindle Boards Forum the other day. Every writer is different and so is their writing process. You have your outliner’s and plotter’s, and then you have those who once they get a general idea of what kind of story they want to write, they just let the words flow until the end comes. Leave a comment and let me know what your writing process is. I would like to have a great discussion on this topic next time and have some of your thoughts on the topic, “Outline, or Not?”. Until next time, take care guys!

King Has Arrived

It’s here! King and Other Chilling Tales is now avaliable on Amazon for your Kindle.


You’ll be able to grab King for free this weekend, so head on over to this link and grab your’s!

Please don’t forget to leave a review. I’d be very thankful. Let everyone you know about this little book and let them know it’s free this weekend too. I’m hoping you guys really enjoy these six chilling tales. The book includes three of my previously published stories, The Hungriest Zombie, The Mothman Isn’t Real, and The Remedy. It also includes three brand new stories, King, Blackout, and a western called The Heist.

Welp, that’s all I got for now. Give King a try won’t you? Til next time, you guys take care!

Some New News

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but for good reasons. I’ve been one busy dude! The edits for Dead Are Alive are coming pretty quick, so I’ve been trying to stay on top of those as they come in. In between that, I’ve been working really hard on getting a few new stories written and polishing them up.

So, with those new stories currently off being edited, I’m annoucing my first short story collection will be out soon! I’m currently working on the cover, trying to make it look “purdy”. The collection will be avaliable first on Amazon. I’m juggling with trying the Kindle Select program, but I’m leaning more towards making it avaliable everywhere like I did with The Remedy and The Mothman Isn’t Real.

Speaking of… The Remedy and The Mothman Isn’t Real will be included in the collection. My first published story, The Hungriest Zombie, will also be included. There will be 3 brand new short stories included also. One of the stories, called “The Heist” is a western tale featuring an original creature I created called The Deadin (Pronounced: Dead – In). It’s based on this cute little guy:

Just look at his cute little face!

The picture is reportedly from a trailcam in Louisiana. I’m not sure if it has ever been declared a hoax or if it’s real. I think they did an episode on this on Fact Or Faked on the Syfy channel. Real or not, this thing is creepy! lol I changed him up a little in the story, but basically the Deadin is based on this guy.

I’ll keep you all updated in the weeks to come. I’m really hoping you all love this small collection I’m putting out. I’m mighty proud of this little ebook, even though it’s only around 27,000 words. I still can’t wait for you guys to read these stories! Until next time, take care!

Review: Benjamin by Michael J. Evans

I just finished reading a short story by Michael J. Evans called Benjamin. Benjamin is a very fun short story that will have you guessing throughout the entire story. Michael J. Evans has spun an excellent tale that had me reminiscing on my own childhood memories of trying to sneak in a late-night television show or quick Nintendo game when I should have been in the bed. I’m sure everyone can probably relate to Benjamin’s desire to catch a late movie, against his parent’s wishes. Evans does a fantastic job creating the creepy atmosphere that Benjamin finds himself in, through very detailed descriptions. The characters are very believable, and as I mentioned earlier, very relatable. The story moves at a nice, steady pace and doesn’t rush you to the unexpected ending.

I highly recommend this tale of childhood fears to anyone, as well as something to drink before sitting down to read it. I started to get very thirsty about a quarter of the way through it and couldn’t pull myself away from the story because I just had to know what was going to happen next! A great story by Michael J. Evans! Looking forward to more!

Click on the cover above to go straight to Amazon and grab Benjamin.

Moving Day

Well, I’ve moved. Not houses, I moved my blog here to WordPress. I have reposted some of my older posts from my old Blogspot site here. So if you start reading some of the other posts and think you’ve read it before, then it’s possible you have already. I hope to be updating with some good news soon! As always, I hope to hear from you! Take care!

Everything Is A Process… Again

Hey guys! I’ve got some great news about Dead Are Alive. Eric S. Brown, author of Bigfoot War, and MANY more great books and short stories, will be writing the introduction for Dead Are Alive! Eric is one of my favorite authors and a true inspiration to my own writing. If you haven’t read any of Eric’s stuff, or you’d like to read more from him, come check out his blog at  http://ericsbrown.wordpress.comHe’s got all of his available titles listed there and you can find all of them on your favorite book retailer, Amazon, B&N, or whichever site you prefer. I really can’t tell you enough about how awesome his stories truly are!


I’ve been working on a couple of short stories to submit over the past few months. One story called “The Mothman Isn’t Real” is ready to go. Then there’s the other story, which is still untitled. I’ve got the general story down, next it’s onto putting the “meat and bones” on it. I’ve got more stuff lined up to start on after that’s done, right now it’s a matter of which deadline comes first. I’m hoping to get started on my second novel soon. I’ve got a few novel ideas, and I’m trying to decide what to work on first.

So things are getting pretty busy, and I love it! I don’t think I could ever complain about being busy with writing. When you’re doing something you love, then it’s not really work, now is it? Right now, writing still feels like something I’m doing as a hobby. It really is, seeing as how I’m still working a full time job and writing when I get a spare moment. But in some ways, I think that break in between really helps me think things over. When I’m at work, or driving I can’t exactly write lol. But, I can think about it! I go over plot lines, character ideas, and story ideas in my mind. If something strikes my fancy and I really like the idea, I’ll make a quick note of it and jot it on a piece of paper or make a note on my phone. I also like to write the date on the paper too, because it’s pretty awesome to go back to see when you got that idea, and sometimes it gives me a look at what might have inspired that particular thought at that moment.

The time in between getting the idea and sitting down to type it out gives me the time to expand on those ideas. So when I sit down to write the story, I’m ready to go with all of the notes and ideas I’ve gathered and it just flows out very naturally. Of course, nothing is going to be perfect the moment I sit down to type it out, but I do have a much better direction to where I’m going with a story. When I first started trying to write seriously, I was very unorganized, and constantly suffered from the awful writer’s block. I didn’t have a system down that worked for me. As time went by I started to develop a habit of jotting my ideas on paper and then later on, putting all of those pieces together. I really think that’s what took me so long to finish Dead Are Alive. I started writing it back in 2007 (I know this because I wrote the dates! 😉 ) And as I sat down at the computer, I was “unarmed” and didn’t really have a good sense of direction to where the story was going to go. I was bombarding myself with all of these questions that were VERY important to the story. Things like, “What caused the zombie outbreak?”, “Why is the main character here and how does he get involved with the outbreak?”, and “How is this thing gonna end?” I started to realize that for me, I really needed to have a roadmap to guide me along as I filled in the details. Many other writers have very different ways that they write their stories. This is just what works for me, and everybody has their own ways that works best for them. And that’s really what it’s all about, finding what works best for you!

As I began working on The Hungriest Zombie, I started out with a simple question, “What about people without teeth?” You always see stories and watch movies about the normal zombie, eating the flesh of the living. Well, it’s a known fact that there are people with no teeth, nothing wrong with that, it’s a normal part of life. But in a world where zombies have overran an entire country, probably the world, there’s gonna be some of those people without teeth that are gonna be turned. And how would they be able to do the same things you see these other zombies doing? And that was my whole thought on the story. So I had my basic idea and started to write down all of the details on paper. Soon I found myself with my very first COMPLETE story. I started using the same techniques I learned while writing The Hungriest Zombie on Dead Are Alive.

This has been working pretty good for me as I have been getting more and more stories finished. Before I could only get them started and that was it. Every writer has their own process that works best for them. The trick is to actually fine out what works best for you. Experiment with different techniques and don’t be afraid to try anything, the worst that could happen is that you find out it doesn’t work for you, and that ain’t bad! You’ll learn from that and move on to the next. Soon you’ll have your own process, and you’ll sit and wonder, “How in the world can they get anything done like that?” A good example of that for me is the writer’s that listen to music as they write. I absolutely LOVE music! I have one of the widest ranges of taste in music that I know; I pretty much listen to anything. But I absolutely CANNOT write anything at all with music playing. I get too distracted and find myself just sitting around listening to music instead of writing. Having a television on doesn’t bother me though… go figure. lol

I actually meant to talk about my writing process on a more technical level, but I went off rambling. lol Stop by again soon and I’ll go over that on my next blog! As always, drop by on My Facebook Author Page or Twitter and say hello. I love to hear from you guys! Until next time, take care!